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A Guide to Your Puppy's Life

The goal and focus of this reading is to inform you, the parent to a new puppy, on the steps to socialize your puppy.

What is socialization, you ask? We cover that on page 4.

The real question, are you ready to learn some of the best methods in the industry in order to foster a happy and healthy relationship between you and your puppy?

About Michael J. Soler

Michael started just like you. He started out with a puppy, excited, anxious, afraid he would “mess things up” and with no idea on what to expect or do as a new dog owner. He had no experience, training, or guidance in how to raise his new best friend. Sure, he made many mistakes along the way. He spent countless hours trying many techniques and methods, which is how he figured out the best way to train dogs for all families and environments.

His career, dedicated to training dogs, has been filled with trials, errors, failures, and most of all success. Michael started this journey to help save you lots of unnecessary mistakes, pain, stress, and to accelerate your success in bonding, training, and living the best life ever with your dog. By helping you to train your dog the right way — the first time.