Daniel Konczyk

3 years ago

Russ and his team are the best in the business. They are excellent at what they do!

Response from the owner:
Thank You Dan! This means a lot to us!!


17 days ago

Russ and his team are the best in the business. They are excellent at what they do!

tux and I are enjoying a lovely spring Friday out on the farmland where my partner works and I can’t help but share that this literally wouldn’t be possible without the learning, compassion, and care we’ve experienced at Blue Line!Tux is “helping” dad with work, exploring the woods, running at FULL SPEED in the meadows, coming when called, checking in even when not called, playing nicely with our farm dog friends, practicing proper greetings and being gentle with the little kiddos around, settling down and calmly coexisting with our doggo friends when asked, and avoiding the distractions mom says to stay away from like chickens and goats.Not every moment is perfect and we’ll always have more to work on, but the things we’ve all learned at Blue Line got us here! AND, that’s why we love and appreciate the ongoing opportunities to learn and practice with the amazing Blue Line team!

Nicole Spagna

27 days ago

Blueline K9 is filled with compassionate , kind professional dog trainers who treat you and your dog like family...even if he is a more than a little difficult (LOL) Blueline stands by you without judgement and more patience than you ever need. Thank you BlueLine for allowing us to be part of your BlueLine family and continuing to go above and beyond.

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