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I love the results !

My dog has stopped pulling on his leash and is overall better behaves . So grateful for Blue Line K-9 Online!
Hollie K.

This programs rocks !

I feel like i can take my dog anywhere now and not be concerned  with him misbehaving . Highly Recommended.
Dennis R.

5 Modules Designed by Master Trainer Michael J. Soler

In this program, you will discover how to build a better connection with your dog in a dynamic training university led by Master Trainer Michael J. Soler.


Module 1:

Leash Control, Desensitizing to Grooming, and more!

Module 2:

Introducing Food Lure/Target Stick, Charging the Marker, and more!

Module 3:

House Breaking, Muzzle Training, and more!

Module 4:

Place, Sit, Down, and more!

Module 5:

Come, Stay, and more!

This has been AMAZING !

Blue Line K-9 Online gave me the tools I needed to train my dogs.
Emily M.

So happy with the results

I am so happy with this program. My dog is well-behaved and happier.
Chad S.

Limited Time Scholarship!


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Meet Your Professor, Michael J. Soler

Hey guys, Michael J Soler here, and I wanted to let you know I started just like you. I started out with a puppy, excited, anxious, afraid I would “mess things up” and with no idea on what to expect or do as a new dog owner. I had no experience, training, or guidance in how to raise my new best friend.

Sure, I made many mistakes along the way. Spent countless hours trying many techniques and methods, which is how he figured out the best way to train dogs for all families and environments. My career, dedicated to training dogs, has been filled with trials, errors, failures, and most of all success.

I developed this program with the help of my team to help save you lots of unnecessary mistakes, pain, and stress, and to accelerate your success in bonding, training, and living the best life ever with your dog. I do this by helping you to train your dog the right way — the first time.

If you are ready to build your dog’s focus, get them to follow commands the first time, and stop potty accidents, leash pulling and more, join us! This group is assembling now, and as always with these personally lead classes, capacity is limited and they do close out quickly.

So please grab your spot right away and let’s build the bond with you and your pup together.